Vietnamese and English Hey there Essay




Japanese and English Greetings: A contrastive examination

Instructor: Nguyen Ngoc Assiste a

Student: Tran Thi Bich Hanh

Course: 4A-07

Ho Chi Minh City 12/2010


All of us learn a secondary language or a foreign language for different purposes. It may guarantee a better job, an improved payment, or perhaps new options as well as wide open ways to meet up with people from a different nation and cultures. " A unique language is a different vision of life. ”(Federico Fellini, Italian film director). Personal, professional, interpersonal, and economic considerations every point to the huge benefits of learning foreign languages. It cannot be denied that English is now one of the most crucial languages in the world over the past several decades. Consequently , more and more people need to master the English vocabulary. In order to do this, we should be not only good at four skills nevertheless also boost knowledge about sociolinguistic. As we know that different ethnicities have different ways of communication. The learners of the second language usually have difficulties in using the target dialect appropriately. Greeting is one of those problems. Greeting is considered because an important take into account cultural life of each region. There are various methods of greeting in all of the over the world. In Western countries such as England, Spain or perhaps Italy, persons often welcome each other simply by hugging or perhaps kissing upon cheeks while in the Middle East or Parts of asia people usually shake hands- greeting in a discreet and respectful way. In Vietnam, greeting takes on an important role as these words " Lời chào cao hơn mâm cỗ” or perhaps " Dao năng liếc năng sắc, người năng chào năng quen”. It indicates that Japanese are extremely severe in handmade. According to Lê QuangThiêm, the handmade presents not merely feature of language nevertheless also culture, custom as well as person's dignity. From these kinds of factors, this paper is aimed at doing a contrastive analysis in Vietnamese and English hello to help English language learners speak successfully. There are five parts in this newspaper: abstract, introduction (greeting's classification, some common situations for greeting), Vietnamese and British greetings (greetings in Japanese, greetings in English, the contrast between Vietnamese and English greeting strategies, right after in greeting topic between Vietnamese and English), a few applications in teaching and learning English and conclusion.


Definition of Handmade

In fact , no-one can give an accurate definition of greetings. Here are some common definitions of greeting in terms of anthropology, sociology, linguistics, wikipedia and Vietnamese definition.

In " An assessment of Greetings Exchanges in Textbook and Real life setting”, two linguistics Schegloff and Sacks (1973) consider greetings as a conversation event including of two parts side by side serial and sequential just like Greeting- Greetings ( former mate: A: Hi there, B: Hi) or Greeting- Request for info (ex: A: Hi, M: Have you done your research? )

In accordance to Goffman (1971) -- a sociolinguist prefers greetings as access rituals composed of two types: moving greeting and interesting greeting (1971: 79) and constituted of several interlinking behaviors: spoken linguistic contact form, term of address, non- verbal and social circumstance.

Whilst in anthropological point of view, Fieg and Mortlock (1989) sort out greeting while " ritualistic expression”, which will carry several types of pragmatic that means affected by sociable factors and cross- social differences. According to a classification on Wikipedia, greeting can be an action of communication in which people (as very well as various other members in the animal kingdom) intentionally produce their presence known to one another, to show awareness of, and to advise a type of relationship or interpersonal status among individuals or perhaps groups of persons coming in contact with each other. Greetings...

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Politeness theory

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