Types  Teamwork Article

audio meeting

Types & Teamwork:

Working together with Different Individuality Styles



A 90-Minute Sound Conference for

Administrative Co-workers,

Secretaries, and Office Support Staff

Offering diane Moore, Editor, Work Professional

and Lisa Trudel, Career Specialist, Office Workers Profession Center

session Objectives

This kind of audio seminar will:

• Help you to appreciate how

your preferences and work

style influence your behavior

and communication style in


• Give you new approaches for

working and communicating

better with all individuality

styles, especially in conflict


• Illustrate how different

combinations of personality

models affect a team's ability to

communicate, produce decisions

and work together successfully

• Give you ideas for

enhancing your way when

connecting and dealing with

people in whose styles and preferences vary from your individual

Understanding personality styles

• " Simply those who value the persona of others

may be of real use to these people. ”

— Albert Schweitzer

• " Great accomplishments are not delivered from just one

vision, nevertheless from the contribution of many views. ”

— Author Unidentified

History of character styles

Hippocrates (60-70BC)

- Body fluids

Carl Jung (1875-1961)

-- Types and temperaments

Isabel briggs Myers (1897-1979)

and Katharine Make briggs

-Myers-Briggs Type

Sign (MBTI)

david Keirsey (191)

- Temperaments

don Lowry (1978)

-- True Hues

Lynda McKim/Career Life

Expertise Resources (00)

-Personality Measurements

Understanding dissimilarities

• " Plaids” of differences and colors

• Individuality style methods are not meant to stereotype or perhaps label • We function from most perspectives

• Some require less efforts and are more at ease

than others

• Distinct personality designs and interaction styles

in most work groups


Job styles

All of us each have our personal approach to:

• Thinking about, organizing and building a task or perhaps project • Relating to others as we start getting our work done


Assess work style

set a check mark beside the details that explain

how you operate MOsT OF THe TIMe:

1 .

• Logical, rational, objective

• Good at seeing the big picture

• Like to look for flaws and generate delete word improvement • Set excessive standards for self & others

• Like researching, gathering data and studying problems

• Enjoy discussing " benefits and cons” with other folks


• People oriented; very sensitive to what other folks need

• Value a harmonious relationship; act as peacekeeper; team-oriented

• Committed to personal growth and development

• Honest and genuine

• Sympathetic and supportive

• Sociable and friendly


• Plan carefully before you begin work

• Stick to the rules and expect other folks to do so

• Work on and handle one job before starting another

• Preserve an prepared work area

• Like to do issues the same way everytime

• Timely, reliable, organized


• Adapt well in rapidly changing circumstances

• Deal with last-minute deadlines well

• Like to experiment with new concepts and strategies

• Daring; a risk-taker

• Want variety and action to stay interested

• Dislike being limited by rules; values liberty to

items in individual way


Communication styles

We have our own way of:

• Conveying ideas

• Listening to others

• Gathering information

• Discussing, discussing and sometimes disagreeing

• Describing instructions


Assess the Communication style

put a check mark near the points that describe

how you will communicate MOsT OF THe TIMe:

1 .

• Objective, direct, to the level.

• Love to give/receive ALL the information

• Delight in debating; like discussing/arguing informative theories • Dislike this when others become emotional

• Will point out and wish to hear benefits and drawbacks


• A good listener; sympathetic and reactive

• Communicate ideas with passion and with feeling

• Careful about conveying ideas...


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