There Was a Child Went On poem my version Essay

There Was a young child Went Forth

revised and redone by: me

There is a child went forth each day,

And the first objects the girl looked upon, that object the lady became,

Which object became part of her for home buying or a certain part of time,

Or for quite some time or stretches cycles of years.

The roaring and screaming became part of this kind of child's existence,

And the placement that the lady played needed to be done proper,

And how others were counting on her,

And just how disappointed the girl was in the event that she failed,

And that can only be playing a sport that the lady played since she was obviously a young lady,

And what she would it had to be completed right, mainly because all this became part of her life.

The several aspects of the fields, just how it feels, and exactly how it represented something,

As well as the smell after every defeat each lost started to be part of her,

And the concern that came by her when ever she haven’t done right,

And the support that the girl needed had not been found at times,

And finally came up her father and mother were anything would be alright,

And how that encouraged her to understand that it's just a game,

And now the lady knows all she need is to have fun.

They informed her it would be excellent, to not get worried if that they lost,

They will told her they needed a place, never sensed the pressure that was put upon her,

The sports that she thought was destructive, were now just a simple understanding,

With all the encouragement of her father and mother she realized what she wasn't carrying out,

Always trying not to shed, but never tried to have fun she seeks the moment she started,

And the concept of playing a sport is to have fun and do what you can do, since fun can be were almost everything would be fine,

All this became part of her.



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