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May 13, 2012

Adam Davis

4371 Dunmore Road NE

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Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you so much for allowing for me to supply the encased information regarding your family's ltc insurance demands. As you know, long-term care is a crucial issue that can affect your family's mental and economical well-being. We feel all of our customers need to ensure they are adequately ready for the impact of long term care expenditures. Understanding how you may prepare for long lasting care all on your own can be quite a process – for this reason I i am excited to give my assistance in helping you comprehend more about long-term treatment and the choices that may be accessible to you. I've encapsulated a pitch for your assessment. When you are ready, I would be happy to schedule a convenient time for you to meet with you. I can insure you that it may be time well spent. Should you prefer to plan an appointment at this point, please produce a contact at 770/888-8129, or stop by our business office. I will provide you with a call in a couple of weeks.



Countrywide American University


I actually. Define ltc

A. A history of longer term care

1 . Wherever did it most start?

installment payments on your Who took care of those in need prior to this?

3. The thing that was the price of this care in older days and how performed people pay for it? 4. What changes occurred that have helped bring us to where were today?

N. The current status of long term care

1 . How many people use long term care funding and facilities? installment payments on your What are present costs?

several. What is the probability i will need it?

4. Precisely what are the options available to someone requiring long term care?

C. How is the government included?

1 . Exactly what does Medicare pay out?

2 . What goes on if I cannot pay?

three or more. What is the Partnership Plan?

II. Precisely what is long term care insurance?

A. What does it cover?

B. Who will be eligible?

1 . Age consideration

2 . Well being considerations

C. What does that cost?

Deb. What are the huge benefits and disadvantages of getting it?

E. What if We don't carry it?

III. Exactly what does one try to find?

Long Term Care as well as the Baby Boomer Generation

Helpful Abstract

The Centers pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid Companies estimate that by the yr 2020, regarding 12 , 000, 000 American people over the age of sixty-five will need long lasting care. A report by the U. S. Section of Into the Human Companies says that four out of every ten individuals that reach era 65 will enter a nursing house at some point inside their lives. These types of statistics happen to be staggering, specially when one considers, " How can I purchase this attention? ” Long-term care (LTC) refers to various services that meet both medical and non-medical needs of folks with a persistent illness or disability. It can be for those who are not able to care for themselves for long periods of time. There are many limitations facing people that have long-term proper care needs. This kind of paper is going to examine various opinions and thoughts on obtaining a long term care plan in estate and retirement planning. Many articles from the web as well as product sales materials had been reviewed and compiled to bring this brief summary of the ltc issue in North America. The insurance business solution to this matter is longer term care insurance. Ltc insurance addresses things that health insurance will not while as well protecting your assets. The long run care issue is one that should be thought about and reviewed amongst friends and family as our baby boomer population continues to age.

Objective: Back in 2000, 13 million people used paid long term care solutions in a presented setting (eg home, home care, or perhaps skilled medical facility). As a result of aging with the baby increase generation, by simply 2050 the number of individuals applying long term care solutions is forecasted to be 27 million. 1 in several Americans could have the need for some form of long term care assistance. Long...

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