Report: Ideal Management and Kellogg Article

Leadership and Management

HRM 3125

Specific Report

Seminar Tutor: Sara Calvo

Thursday 5pm class

Student Identity: Lu Wenfei

Student Amount: M00423814

Date 1st Might 2013

Table of content material

1 . Summary4

2 . Introduction5

5. External environmental analysis7

5. you Pest Analysis7

5. 1 . 1 Political8

The activities of Kellogg in the united kingdom are supervised various gov departments. The food safety is subject to the departments of authorities, local authorities, and multiple agencies. On the other hand, being a food development company, Kellogg has to follow certain environment regulations in the UK (Carey, Susan, 2010). The business should comply with regulation of release of pollutant into the environment. 8 5. 1 . 2 Economic8

a few. 1 . 3 Social9

a few. 1 . four Technological9

your five. 2 Porter's Five Forces10

5. several SWOT Analysis10

* Acquisition of Pringles10

5. a few. 1 Strengths11

5. three or more. 2 Weaknesses12

5. a few. 3 Threats12

5. three or more. 4 Opportunities13

6. Key challenges confronted by Kellogg14

Due to a lot of reasons including climate, environment and substantial labour expense, it is possible to minimize the volume of production of agricultural raw materials, leads to costs raise14 Because some expensive rivals including Nestle,United Cookies encroach upon local market share, there is very little blank industry in UK. 14 The area young someones eating habits transform rapidly, it is hard to meet different dietary patterns among the children. 14 six. HR issue14

8. 1 ) 1 Structure15

8. 1 . 2 System16

8. 1 ) 3 Style16

8. 1 . 4 Staff17

8. 1 . 5 Strategy17

8. 1 ) 6 Shared values18

on the lookout for. Recommendation intended for Development18

9. 1 Concentrate on core strengths19

9. 2 Cross-category and expansion20

being unfaithful. 3 Searching for and continue to be Sustainable Growth21

10. Evaluation22

10. you Are the company' objectives met22

10. a couple of Will the assets available to the plan22

12. 3 Performed evidence advise the activities bring about desired outcomes23 11. Conclusion25

12. References26

1 . Overview

The survey mainly discusses the internal and external environment of Kellogg Inc and provides a plan of development to get Kellogg. That identifies and addresses crucial issues concerning effective command and supervision has been recommended.

The purpose of this survey is to assess challenges and human resource concerns which experienced by Kellogg Inc during UK. Challenges and HOURS issues are based on through using three models: PEST, SWOT and Porter's Five Makes to analyze the external environment. Then it will evaluate the current situation of Kellogg with McKinsey 7S model to highlight internal environment, after learning the current situation of Kellogg, an evaluation and a suggestion of a program of development are provided and examined.

installment payments on your Introduction

Generally, Kellogg Organization is the second biggest food and snack food manufacturer and retailer throughout the world(Chapman, Michelle, 2011). They have many department companies pass on across 18 countries and its products can be purchased to more than 180 countries (Kellogg Organization, 2012). The headquarters is at Michigan of United States. It is worth observing that its largest development department manufacturer is at Gatwick, a city in the northwest England (Kellogg Company, 2012). Without a doubt, it is also the positioning of Kellogg's headquarters to get European. Kellogg shows great concern and support for its British marketplace. It holds the Wales Knight in shining armor and the Hoheitsvoll Warrant granted by HM Queen Elizabeth II (Jeffrey, 2012).

Kellogg Company of Great Britain Limited is a subsidiary wholly invested by the father or mother company of Kellogg. It is the dominant brand on the market of breakfast cereals in UK. Its products include crackers, cookies, cereal bars, toaster pastries, fruit-flavored snacks etc . The company is the owner of many popular brands such as Special E and...

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