Personal Cash strategy Assignment Essay


You should be imagine that you are 21 years old years of age and still have decided to make it by yourself. You gain $606 a week and are looking for an apartment/unit/house to rent. Your parents possess generously provided you with $2, 500 to help spend on furniture plus the bond on your new home. You will need to calculate your weekly repayments and cost of living agreements. Remember you can spend a lot more than you have and also you cannot borrow money.


As it dawned upon me that $606 was quite restricting I noticed that I would need to find a job that will not always be an option to get my life. I was lucky enough to locate a job that's interesting being a hairdresser in Melbourne Town. The skills needed will be experience and reliability; thankfully both of that we already have got. I generate the exact minimal wage of $31, 512 per year.


When searching for an abode, with my new-found job salary burning away in my back pocket, We again contemplated the obvious. That wasn't very much! As I searched and researched I came across a god-send in disguise while an apartment. At just $60 each week it scarcely scraped apart at my every week wage, leaving me after paying the primary bond and $546 intended for the several weeks after. With all the extremely low price I was blown away when I saw that it was in the same suburb (Melbourne) as my previously mentioned job- could this one particular bedroom, 1 bathroom house get any better? Apparently it could possibly. As I looked up pictures of my property I saw it had been very contemporary looking; with sleek, comfortable wooden floorboards, white coated walls and skirtings and stainless steel shoes. All of these traits contribute to so why I chose to ‘move in to' apartment number 15; 22-24 Her Bell Street, Melbourne.


There are plenty of things to bear in mind when letting a property, especially if you are hiring at the same time. 1 . Lease Agreements: Are classified by contract authorized by each, they are terms of agreements. 2 . Period of time: The time period which the tenant signs the lease proclaiming how long they will be occupying the property for. Either party can terminate the lease in the event they have a suitable reason. 3. Right of Entry: The landlord is given permission to enter the premises during normal organization hours relating to maintenance issues. However the tenant should know a day beforehand. four. Rent: The tenant must pay the total amount listed on the lease contract agreement. 5. Pets, Maintenance and Elegance: When renting the area lord can be legally prohibited to deny someone on the basis of age, male or female or lovemaking orientation. There may be pet guidelines either permitting or not really allowing. 6th. Insurance: The tenant can be responsible in the case of fire, fraud and avalanche insurance the landlord is in charge of insurance in the tenants possessions.


PICTURE| DETAILS| WHERE PURCHASED| SO WHY I BOUGHT IT| | | GUMTREE| To maintain my books and other trinket items in. | | | GUMTREE| To store my personal clothing make my television set on. | | | GUMTREE| To sit on when I'm with the desk.

To perform my act on.

| | GUMTREE| To place things on in the lay room.

| | GUMTREE| To sleep in.

| | GUMTREE| To cook foodstuff in.

| | GUMTREE| To lay on in the lounge room.

| | GUMTREE| To sit down and take in at.

| | GUMTREE| To watch tv set on.

| | GUMTREE| To wash my personal cloths in.


item| Price and how come I need this

| To cook bread toasted

| To cook toasted bread

| To blend

| To overcome food


| Price- 35 dollars. 45To clean.

| To wash.

| To clean up.


UTILITIES| SUMMER| AUTUMN| WINTER| SPRING| TOTAL| WEEKLY COST| PUT TOGETHER WEEKLY COST| ELECTRICTY| $181| $174| $180| $172| $707| $13. 59| $47. 06| WATER| $150| $138| $164| $270| $722|...


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