Nitration of Methyl Benzoate Research Paper

Nitration of Methyl Benzoate

Abstract: This action demonstrates the nitration of methyl benzoate to prepare methyl m-nitrobenzoate. Methyl benzoate was treated with concentrated Nitric and Sulfuric acid to yield methyl m-nitrobenzoate. The merchandise was after that isolated and recrystallized employing methanol. This kind of reaction is usually an example of a great electrophilic aromatic substitution response, in which the nitro group supercedes a proton of the fragrant ring. Following recrystallization, shedding point and infrared were used to determine and characterize the product with the reaction.

Purpose: The goal of this experiment is to synthesize methyl nitrobenzoate from methyl benzoate, centered nitric acid, and concentrated sulfuric acidity via a great electrophilic fragrant substitution response. This try things out demonstrates an electrophilic perfumed substitution.

Main Reactions:

Side effect:


D. T. Pavia, G. M. Lampman, G. S i9000. Kriz, and R. G. Engel " A Microscale Approach to Organic and natural Laboratory Techniques, 3rd Impotence. ” (2013) Brooks/Cole, pp. 338-342.

Splitting up Scheme:


Methyl Benzoate: Limiting Reagent

Theoretical deliver:

3. 05 g one particular mol MB 1 mol product 181 g product= 4. summer g item

136 g 1 mol MB1 mol item

first Crystallization: 2 . 13g

subsequent Crystallization: 1 ) 84 g

Final pounds of item: 1 . 84 g

Percent Yield: 1 ) 84gx 100%= 45. three or more %

5. 06g

Physical Constants:

Compound| Meters. W (g/mol)| M. G (В°C)| M. P (В°C)| Density (g/mL)| Methyl Benzoate| 136| -15| 198-200| 1 ) 08

Methyl nitrobenzoate| 181| 78-79| 279|

Conc. Nitric acid| 63| -42| 120. 5| 1 . forty one

Conc. Sulfuric acid| 98| 10| 290| 1 . 84

Methanol| 32| -98| 65| 0. 792

*Physical constant values extracted from: Fresh Melting Point: 76 -- 77 В°C

The trial and error melting point attained verified the id of the isolated product while methyl...

Mentioned: D. D. Pavia, G. M. Lampman, G. T. Kriz, and R. G. Engel " A Microscale Approach to Organic Laboratory Approaches, 3rd Male impotence. ” (2013) Brooks/Cole, pp. 338-342.

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