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Compare ‘Still I actually rise' by simply Maya Angelou and Charlotte O'Neil's Song' by Fiona Farrell

With this essay I actually intend to analyse two poetry that I have recently examined ‘Still We Rise' simply by Maya Angelou and ‘Charlotte O'Neil's Song' by Fiona Farrell, The two poems had been written within the last 30 years by modern woman writers. The poems speak about slavery and oppression. ‘Still I rise' is a poem about Dark oppression in the 1920s. ‘Charlotte O'Neil's Song' is based upon a true celebration, but explains to the story through fictional personas.

Analysis of ‘Still My spouse and i Rise' by simply Maya Angelou

‘Still My spouse and i Rise' is actually a protest poem that discusses the slavery, oppression, dreams and expectations of black slaves. The poem has nine stanzas the first seven are typical four lines long and have a rhyming pattern of ABCB, the past two stanzas are for a longer time which shows the significance with the message pictured in those two stanzas. ‘Still I rise' is usually an upbeat, defiant poem with an upbeat and fast tempo. Angelou uses similes to convey how black people were desperately treated simply by white people, e. g. ‘You may well trod me personally down inside the very dirt and grime,

But still like dust sick rise'

The definition of ‘treated just like dirt' is a common phrase most people are familiar with and I think Maya features repackaged that in this 1920's way, yet we can even now relate to the sentiment and gritty concern of what feels like on a personal level to be remedied with contempt on a daily basis. In the event you go back and look at this word again May possibly says ‘you may' certainly not ‘you have' turning this kind of into a more positive statement.

I also imagine the mention of the dirt as a simile contains a double that means, also refering to her coloring. Is Internet

Like particles is very interesting when you actually begin to think it over. When you attempt to clean apart dust this gets everywhere, covers anything, you think you have got rid of that, but afterwards you come back to find it has resettled.

In stanza two Angelou demands ‘Does my sassiness disappointed you? ' which at the time would have damaged white people because dark-colored people were expected be obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable, with no actual personality feelings or feelings she also says

‘Because We walk just like I've received oil bore holes,

Pumping in my living room'

When your woman writes this kind of she is saying that she is pleased and confident and definitely will challenge anyone that tries to set her down. Angelou uses the metaphors

‘Just just like moons and like suns'

Which always rise regardless of what, she uses them to tell the reader that no matter what she can rise above everything. In stanza six Angelou uses personification. ‘You may shout me with your words,

You could cut me personally with your eye,

You may eliminate me with your hatefulness,

However like surroundings ill surge. '

The girl uses this stanza to tell people the particular white persons did to them, and what they considered them, the girl tells us at the very end using air flow, a natural aspect that the lady can go above it. In stanza several she requests

‘Does my sexiness upset you?,

Can it come as a surprise? '

Maya Angelou is a solid, arrogant persona, she has managed to hold on to her self respect and durability through everything she has undergone. Even though she as recently been a slave she is conscious and proud of her male or female and libido. Why should light people always be surprised that she may feel sexy? These kinds of rhetorical questions carried by Maya make me think is she not only struggling with the fight against dark-colored oppression nevertheless is also fighting feminism, the simple fact that she is black and girl.

In the last two stanzas Angelou talks about all the stuff she is leaving behind and everything she would like to achieve, after every line she repeats ‘I Rise. '

‘Out of the huts of history's waste

I surge

Up coming from a previous that's seated in soreness

I climb

I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,

Welling and puffiness I bear in the wave.

Leaving behind nights of horror and fear

I go up

Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear

My spouse and i rise

Using the gifts that my ancestors and forefathers gave,

We am the dream as well as the hope of the slave.

I rise

My spouse and i rise

We rise. '



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