Philippine Folk Literature Composition




Ms. Arcelyn D. Sangalang

Instructor- Engl04

Cpoyright 2010


 classic

oral materials of the

Filipino people

 refers to the collection of tales and

superstition about wonderful

creatures and entities

 wide range of material due

towards the ethnic mix of the





folk speech

folk songs


 derived

coming from Philippine folks literature

 stories of ancient Philippine mythology

incorporate deities, creation stories,

mythological creatures, and beliefs

 ancient Filipino mythology may differ

among the many native tribes of

the Israel


Tagalog version

In the beginning when the Earth was still youthful, the gods, Bathala; Tenang Sinaya; and Amihan, were the only creatures that persisted. Bathala was god from the Sky (Langit) and Aman Sinaya was goddess with the Sea (Dagat). The two have been fierce rivals for a long time, and everyday, they will try to one-up each other. Bathala used his lighting mounting bolts and thunder, and Aman Sinaya used her dunes and typhoons. One day, Tenang Sinaya made a decision to send her tempests in the Sky to cause a outrageous commotion. In order to stop her, Bathala put giant big river rocks that came from atop in the mountains. This created thousands of islands on to the surface of the Marine, which started to be the Filipino archipelago. Amihan, the Northeast Wind during the two realms, decided to quit the struggle once and for all if you take the form of a bird. Your woman then flew back and forth together. This produced the Skies and the Ocean closer than it was prior to. At the point where the two realms achieved, both deities agreed to end the battle and become close friends.

As a sign of companionship, Bathala planted a seeds underneath the ocean floor. That soon grew into a bamboo bedding reed, protruding of the edge of the Sea. Amihan acquired gazed upon it 1 day and noticed voices, coming from inside the bamboo bedding. " Wow, North Wind! North Wind flow! Please we will out! ", the noises said. Your woman pecked the reed when, then twice. All of a sudden, the bamboo damaged and slit open. Inside were two human beings; one was a guy and the additional was a girl. Amihan named the man " Malakas" (Strong) and the girl " Maganda" (Beautiful). The girl then flew them upon one of the island destinations where they will settled, constructed a house, together millions of offspring that booming the Earth.


Visayan Edition

Thousands of years before, there was simply no land, sunshine, moon, or stars, as well as the world was only a great sea of water, previously mentioned which expanded the sky. The water was your kingdom of the god Maguayan, and the skies was dominated by the superb god, Kaptan. Maguayan a new daughter called Lidagat, the ocean, and Kaptan had a son known as Lihangin, the wind. The gods consented to the marriage of their children, therefore the sea became the bride of the wind. A girl and 3 sons were born to them. The sons had been called Likalibutan, Liadlao, and Libulan, and the daughter received the brand of Lisuga.

Likalibutan had a body of rock and was good and brave; Liadlao was created of gold and was always happy; Libulan was made of copper and was weak and timid; and the beautiful Lisuga had a body of real silver and was sweet and gentle. Their particular parents were very partial to them, certainly nothing was planning to make them cheerful.

After a time Lihangin died and left the control of the winds to his oldest son Likalibutan. The faithful wife Lidagat soon adopted her husband, and the children, now adult, were remaining without father or mother. However , their grandfathers, Kaptan and Maguayan, took care of these people and guarded them from all bad. After some time, Likalibutan, proud of his power above the winds, settled to gain more power, and asked his friends to join him in an strike on Kaptan in the sky above. They declined at first, nevertheless Likalibutan started to be angry with them, the amiable Liadlao, not desperate to offend his brother, decided to help. In that case together that they induced...


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