Essay about Analysis of African American Lifestyle

Running Head: Analysis of African American Tradition

Analysis of African American Lifestyle


The African American culture is filled with many negative attributes which make this

unsuitable for one to desire to be a part of it. These negative attributes will be as follows: many years

of unwed mothers, poor educational background, violence, gang activity, drug abuse, poor work

ethic, excessive numbers of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, lower morals and

standards, and poverty-stricken. A large number of research content articles will be talked about to support these

adverse feelings.

Analysis of the Black Culture

In today's society, many people point out all people are similar and should always be treated and so. I

believe that all people should be cured fairly. Yet , I do certainly not buy the concept that all people

happen to be equal. Consequently , I do certainly not think everybody can or should be remedied equally. There are

many people who are born in to this world that require extra the help of someone. There are

various people who could possibly be self-sufficient, nevertheless choose to rely upon others. These individuals should

not always be treated while equals to individuals who absolutely need help.

With that said, Caucasians and African-Americans have many different natural qualities

that makes all of them unequal. I believe that many of these differences happen to be by decision. I do not need

to be a part of the African-American culture because of these differences. Some of the causes are

as follows: improved percentage of poverty-stricken, elevated involvement in violence,

increased company involvement, improved percentage of drug abuse, bending percentage of

HIV/AIDS, lack of educational background, decades of unwed mothers, popular sexually

diseases besides HIV/AIDS, personal morals and values, and poor work ethic. All of these

ideas are interrelated. Some of the reasons are the effect, reaction, or perhaps root of the

challenges. An example of this is certainly that as a result of lack of a college degree one may always be stricken by simply poverty

and forced to participate in a company, which uses violence, intended for protection and as means for rendering for

oneself without needing to put in a full day's work. Many of these discriminatory beliefs have

recently been validated current research. These research articles will be mentioned at a later level.

A Day inside the Life of your African American Guy

Before elaborating on each of your of these elements, I want to describe what I think every day would be

like if I had been part of the Dark-colored culture. My personal day while an Dark-colored male is just as


At 15: 00 a. m., around the morning of October up to 29, 2005, My spouse and i awoke using a pounding inside my head.

Still in recovery mode from the outrageous night before, My spouse and i rubbed the sleep by my eyes since the sun blinded me through the window of my 1 room apartment. The place is a dump, nevertheless the landlord lets me slip when I receive behind on my rent. It is difficult to make payments on a minimal wage earnings, juggling charges and a social your life. I have women to impress, let alone expensive patterns.

Speaking of jobs and salary, I overslept again. Bossman isn't completely happy when I get in touch with that I cannot make it to operate. He does not seem to imagine me after i tell him I'm sick. Let him fire me, I'll only draw unemployment. I had rather do that anyhow. Why work when I could possibly get free authorities money.

I had fashioned to move away from the phone since someone was beating in the door and lying on the car car horn outside my personal apartment. I ran to the window to find someone position beside my car. It absolutely was the people I purchased my car from. They said I had two choices. I can give them the payments I owed for the last two months, or they were giving with my personal car. I yelled and told them to get away from my personal car or perhaps they would be sorry. They didn't attention my warning, because I watched as they drove my car out from the parking lot. My spouse and i couldn't chest area a cover in all of them in the middle of your day in a community...

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