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What is FMCG?

FMCG identifies consumer nondurable goods required for daily or perhaps frequent employ. Typically, someone buys these kinds of goods at least once a month.

FMCG Products

• • • • • • • • • • Detergents Toilet soaps Toothpaste Shampoos Creams Powders Food products Sweets Beverages Smoking cigarettes

Typical Characteristics of FMCG products

• Individual items are of small worth. But , all FMCG products put together account for a significant portion of the consumer's spending budget • The buyer keeps limited inventory of these products and likes to purchase these people frequently, as and when required • Many of these items are perishable • The consumer spends short amount of time on the obtain decision. Seldom does they look for technological specifications ( in contrast to professional goods ) • Company loyalties or perhaps recommendations of reliable retailer / supplier drive order decision • Trial of any new product my spouse and i. e brand switching is often induced by simply heavy advertisement, recommendations with the retailer or neighbors / friends.

Common Characteristics of FMCG products…contd.

• These items cater to requirements, comforts and luxuries • They fulfill the demands in the entire combination section of inhabitants • Cost and profits elasticity of demand varies across companies consumers

Hair-care Category in India

• There are a few main products

• Curly hair Oil • Shampoo / Conditioners • Styling items • Herbal Remedies • Frizzy hair Dyes / colors


Did you know, that the word Shampoo is derived from the Hindi expression " Champi”. Remember Ashton Walker's well-known song - Meri Jaan, Meri Jaan, Sunday Ke Sunday, Teil Maalish Champi Teil Maalish. The United kingdom loved the massage a lot, they started calling Champi as Shampoo or conditioner

TG pertaining to Shampoos

• Hair Shampoos and Air con are directed at

• Higher middle class • At this point, also central class and house wives or girlfriends • Upper class rural customers • Young adults - they are the major portion

Types of Shampoos

• Shampoo market is segmented about benefit platforms

• Aesthetic ( glow, health, strength ) • Anti -- Dandruff • Herbal

Hair Care Facts

• The consistency of shampoo usage is incredibly low. The majority of consumers work with shampoo only once or 2 times in a week. In many cases, the products are used on special occasions such as weddings, get-togethers etc • Some clients use hair shampoo only to treat a specific issue such as dandruff or when they need to state their hair • Use of AC is not really common. It really is restricted to the super high quality segment or perhaps those who are extremely involved with their hair care • Some buyers use normal conditioning brokers such as henna • Regarding 50% of consumers use common toilet soaps to wash their hair • About 15 % of consumers use toilet cleansers as well as shampoo or conditioner for washing their hair

Hair-care Facts…contd.

• Brand loyalties in shampoo are not quite strong. Consumers regularly look for a change, particularly in fragrance • Consumers characteristic lathering for the act for cleaning • Significant expectations in the product are improvement in texture and manageability, giving softness and bounce to hair, treating and avoiding damage to the hair • An Indian demands more shampoo or conditioner for a correct wash ( average 6 ml ) compared to four ml necessary in American countries as most Indian women have extended hair • Most consumers do not employ shampoo daily • Regular users would require smaller quantity of shampoo every bath. Hair tend to accumulate more dust particles due to heavy environment and oiling behaviors • Southern market is mainly a sachet market, accounting for 70 % of ravage volumes

Hair-care Facts…contd.

• In Contrast, shampoo or conditioner...


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