A Project Proposal

Presented to the

Institute of Computing Studies and Library Information Science City College or university of Angeles

In Partially Fulfillment

from the Requirements intended for the Degree

Bachelors of Scientific research in Data System

Submitted By:

Manaloto, Christopher

David, Bianca Jessica C.

Nonato, Lester Ruben

Villanueva, Herald

Submitted to:

Mr. Indicate Gil Queen. Superio

Feb . 2015

My spouse and i. Introduction

Hotel is a place for a leisure, to have a comfort, and also to gather with some close friends or with family. Most people are having all their vacation in a resort, they just want to relax and reduce their tension. Here in the Philippines, there are countless resorts; you could have a lot of choices. Also here in Pampanga Angeles Metropolis, we a lot have a whole lot of resort that can provide you with a relaxation. Hawaii Palm Hotel was created on 12 , 08, 2012. Before it had been a farmland and it has a fish pond, they decided to turn into a hotel because they really want their parents to have a successful life in their remaining years in this world. They are still bettering their resort, because their very own just in 2 years of managing the resort. At present, the Hawaii Palm Resort is using the manual program for their deal in their reservation. First the guest needs to go to the Hawaiian Palm Use reserve some rooms or the function lounge for particular events; automobile will give all of them a newspaper to fill-up some info. And get back, it's to the guest if they happen to be going to complete their repayment, but they require a 50% down payment. In the event they want to end their booking they cannot find the 50% deposit, for short, their zero refund. The key problem in the manual system is that, if there is a lot of booking in the place, they are with a lack of the time, but the worker said that they can tolerate. The papers for his or her reservation will be in the cabinet, the information is not guaranteed and their a lot of instances that the papers will probably be loss. So , the proponents proposed a site with reservation management system for the Hawaiian Palm Holiday resort. They can attract more consumers since they currently have a website, and so they can easily deal with the bookings because it is on-line and it will reduce the time. Less time eating for both equally employees and for the visitor. II. Job Context

Booking management system can be described as process of arranging of a room or a place for a particular occasion or perhaps vacation. By using the internet, the guest or the customer will certainly lessen their time in see the specific vacation resort just to reserve a room; it can be convenient to them because it is going to lessen their particular cost in transportation and less effort. Within the Philippines, most of the accommodations and resorts are using the RMS online, because consider that in the event they do that, they can attract more customers and their profit will improved. They can very easily know if their customer is satisfied to their services because there is a feedback component for the purchasers, the customers is going to just web page some things that they experience in the resort. Environmental

Their current situation within their reservation is the fact, they are continue to using the manual system. The result of the proposed system is that, they will less time consuming, all their data could be more secured, the manpower will be lessen. And if they want to enhance the system and also the website, it's up to all of them; it's not really that hard for them to develop because they already have a current program or basis for them to get some good ideas. Health and Safety

In this website it can be safe can be because they will not have a hard time to the resort, they may just arrange online and they have less effort to spend and they can easily just see the appearance in the resort by simply going to the web page. Hassle-free on their behalf because they're not going to use funds, but rather using only internet. Economical

Before, on the net reservations usually do not exist, people who want to reserve...


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