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п»їInternship Self-Learning Report

I'm an additional year's student. I have trained at Phuket Travel Head to in twenty first October 2013 until to 10th January 2014. Phuket Travel Head to Company is definitely the adventure trips " Kapong Tubing Safari”. It is a countryside at Phang nga region. I have discovered real working seriously. We also attained friendship advantageous from all personnel. That they took care of me like their particular family. I possess learned range skills. I actually gained understanding as much as I will. My skill was improved by learning. 1 . Explain 6 skills you obtained during your internships, for example , working skills and / or interpersonal skills and how this kind of skill will probably be of assist with you in the future. (15 marks)

Core competency


Generic competency


Functional competency



1 . Job effectively with colleagues and customers:

-Trained personally have more supervision. В

-Learning about time administration which need to to complete scheduled.

-В To practice self-responsibility job responsibilities as assigned. Have to the very least error during in functioning and also can present plan to the vacationers accurately.

- Trained to doing work always positively.

1 . Speak English for a basic functional level:

-В I can speak The english language with the travelers at very well.

-I explained The tour program to buyers.

-And I also can speak Iranian and Russain with the visitors because it is simple to understanding with each other.

1 . Synchronize and operate a day tour (or brief excursion)/ or perhaps transfers:

-When I have worked well at Phuket Travel Travel Company, I had been a travel leader to deal with the visitors all the trip. I have offered program tour to the vacationers on the vacationing. In every day, I must to coordinate with the resort about meal pertaining to the vacationers, the driver, plus the tour head because some one may be sensitive some food that the tour leader must to see to the hotel. I have explained how to make the rubber linens. I gave the information about elephant hiking to the visitors. I as well gave information about the waterfall which part of the software. And take care of the tourists on the waterfall, and after that it is rely upon the holiday. If they're senior people or young children group, they cannot go to the big waterfall. Once finished this program, I must to drop the visitors to the motel.

2 . Develop and update travel and leisure industry expertise:

-I have learned and superior about hospitality to the visitors which need to to make client satisfy and have fantastic trip. #for case in point:

I have learned making the flowers from your pandanus leaves and I have taught towards the tourists which can make them think satisfy regarding it.

-I have known variety of hotel in Phuket, when I got to get the tourists at the motel which every hotels have different services.

2 . Promote products to buyer:

- I've talked to the tourists regarding beautiful places in Thailand. " Thailand was fantastic country. There are numerous nice places and fantastic weather pertaining to traveling just like about Area. Similan Tropical isle is a group of IslandsВ in the Andaman Ocean off the shoreline. It is aВ very beautiful Isle. The sea normal water is very clean, and the beach front is the best all inclusive family trip resort. It isВ the amazing national playground, and renowned diving, snorkeling. " В

- The Kapong Back garden Resort is known as a natural place at Phang nga region. It is a personal place. This can be a garden using a variety fruit trees and garden flower We had lunch time at this resort. I promoted the Thai plants towards the tourists. We had lunch as of this resort. My spouse and i explained regarding the Thai plants to the tourists. The tourists who also never noticed before, thus they are interested. В

2 . Source and supply products and vacation spot information and advice:

- I gave information about visiting the travelers. For example: In case the tourist want to go to the Similan Island. You must to reservation with the tour agency. Intended for the adult is 5, 400 baht per one particular, and for a child is 2, 200 baht...


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