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Polk County is a scarcely populated County in the point out. The tracks are really poor condition and the Vehicles Department director, JR has been tasked to control all the three projects: 2. The entrance to the Big John's superstore

* ANTELOPE Mountain highway

* Connection on State road 1045

The copy writer will evaluate the case, assess the alternatives and propose an answer for the truth that would gain the Polk County Transport Department to execute all their projects effectively. Various designs and materials will be used to motivate the assertions.


Polk County may be the largest region in the point out it is governed by three-member Board of commissioners: Harold, Richardson and Thomas. The state of hawaii faces an issue of providing critical projects which entail improvements towards the local tracks which on the current state have position the local occupants as well as vacationers at risk because they are dilapidated, worn out and inadequate for goal generally getting unsafe to be used. This concern is due to many projects contending over limited resources. Three projects happen to be:

* The entrance to Big John's Superstore

* Antelope Mountain street

* Crockett Creek bridge within the country street 1045 near prison The reasecher will certainly analyse the truth evaluate that, systematically prioritise the steps that must be taken on the approach to successfully suggest a solution that may benefit the Transportation Office, Polk municipality and finally the community at large. Various shortfalls are evident in the current Polk county municipality. The investigator will go over them comprehensive with reference to different models and literatures as well as assumptions to compliment the advice, below are the identified shortfalls: * Simply no poor task office

* Funds are very limited to kick start projects that would put value towards the community and improve their protection. * The tax is definitely minimal to sustain the developments

* Insuffient or no fund-collecting initiatives

2. High price of criminal offense

As portrayed on the case, there are 3 projects in front of you and beneath is the collected information on every project. Body system governing the county

The next individuals contain the Polk County supervision team IDENTITY | DESTINATION/ STATUS

Thomas| Commissioner retired

Herald| Commissioner retired

Richardson| commissioner

JR| Supervisor- Transport Department

Joe| Former head of Transport Department

Unnamed | Current Senator

Zachary | Transport Department inwendig (civil engineering)

PROJECT one particular


* It truly is off a two side of the road high with the base in the hill

* It is difficult for cars travelling in the opposite way until offered over the reputation * This will make it difficult for the cars turning left in to the store and those pulling out of the parking lot. 5. A number of mishaps have occurred

2. The number of cars travelling on the highway has increased over the last three years considering that the store opened * Several residents have got raised problems at the commissioners meetings during the past * JR had got into contact with the store manager about assisting to pay for road improvements to widen the roads to include a turning lane or perhaps install a visitors light. * The supervisor replied that they can be barely making any income and if they just do not make earnings corporate head office will close it down and a lot of people will lose their very own jobs consequently they cannot manage to assist 2. Many persons go to the store because there are not any other departmental stores in the county


WIDENING AND REPAIR OF ELK HILL ROAD INSIDE THE NORTHWESTERN PART OF THE COUNTY 5. The winters have taken their very own toll on the road and remaining...

Bibliography: Job management is defined by PMBOK as…. 'the putting on knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in order to meet stakeholder's needs and expectation coming from a project. ' (Burke, 2011; 18)



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