A Comprehensive Research of the Dehumanization of Soldiers in the Novel All Calm on the Western Entrance by Erich Maria Remarque

A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Dehumanization of Soldiers in the Novel All Calm on the Western Entrance by Erich Maria Remarque

The Dehumanization of Soldiers In the novel All Calm on the Western Front side by Erich Maria Remarque, many events that happen in the battle make the teenagers who head to fight less human. Upon returning from the battle, each guy lives their own existence without emotion. The primary character Paul can be an enthusiastic youth when he primary joins the army along with his friends, but after serving on the front, Paul includes a new and solemn lifestyle.

On leading, it is necessary for the males to be emotionless about their work. They can’t think about the persons they are eliminating and all their comrades that happen to be dying. The photos that they discover on leading are disturbing, if the men consider of it as a duty they need to serve, then they can redeem themselves. “We have lost all sense for one another. We can barely control ourselves when our glance lamps on the type of various other man. We happen to be insensible dead males, who through some technique, some dreadful magic, remain able to run also to kill.” (116) Paul and his comrades now start to see the war as a command and they haven't any choice but to accomplish what they are informed. After some time on leading, the males all feel as if they are no more living as humans, alternatively they are getting commanded about like animals.

“To-day we would go through the moments of our youth like travellers. We are burnt up by hard specifics; like tradesmen we figure out distinctions, and like


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