A Biography and Lifestyle Do the job of Anne Sexton, an American Poet

A Biography and Lifestyle Job of Anne Sexton, an American Poet

Anne Sexton

That is a poem that is filled up with imagery that the writer uses to

identify the reader with what Personally i think had been personal stresses in her individual life. In

class we talked about Anne as an emotionally challenged females who couldn't

cope with each day life. The Name of the poem implies by saying "Her"

that she actually is talking about another person that she could relate with. However I think

that instead she might have been discussing her self. Through the poem

she shows the Worlds look at of the witch and gives her own emotions on the

subject such as for example " I have already been her kind" and " A female like that isn't a

woman at all." All the stanzas have got seven lines and all have got the same last

line. It appears that the stanzas slowly but surely lead up for some sort of explanation to

the way women are treated. Through the poem the tone is definitely a dreary one. We are

taken through the story associated with the witch and agreeing with the actual fact that

these obscene gestures


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